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High Quality Copper Culinary Equipment

About Us

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Soy Türkiye

Our company is the first worldwide professional-grade copper brand from the country that has undisputably the best copper workmanship of the whole World, Turkey.
Our aim is for the handmade Turkish copper to enter your kitchen in the quickest and most efficient way.

While desiging our products, our objective was on one hand to project to you with the perfect visual and the perfect ergonomy our passion for food and cooking, and on the other hand, to ensure a nearly endless durability, even after year of sturdy professional usage or a lifelong of reckless home use.

The thickness of our products falls into 4 distinct categories:
  • Most of the pots, skillets and service plates (without lid) are 2.5mm thick
  • The Rondeaus and stockpots are 3.00mm thick,
  • The lidded service plates (including the fish kavurma plates) are 2.00mm thick,
  • The pâtisserie products, Turkish coffee products and all regular lids are 1.50mm thick.

We wish you years of delicious and exquisite cooking!
The Soy team