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High Quality Copper Culinary Equipment


The era that ended the Stone Age more than 7000 years ago around our geography was none other than “the Copper Age”, where Copper could be mined, smelted and worked as the first metal known to mankind. For this, Copper holds a very specific position in relation to Mankind as a whole.

Right after Copper started to be worked, various tools such as axes, hammers started to be crafted from it as well as a variety of weapons; cooking utensils such as pots and cauldrons quickly followed.
Utensils crafted from hammered Copper like the ones still in production and use nowadays emerged from the Indus Valley Civilization and made their way into our own geography, here, in what is now Turkey, through Persia.

Since then, the first societies to work Copper never gave up their superior hand on Coppersmithing to any other. As of today, the ultimate Copper craftsmanship finds place in Turkey, India, Pakistan, Iran and Syria. As for the traditional Ottoman way of crafting and hammering copper, one can only encounter it in Modern Day Turkey and Syria.

Nowadays, Professional-Grade Copper utensils are also being manufactured in a number of Western European countries, but since most of them are pressed and industrially fabricated (and sold as “handmade”), they will never reach the hardness and the refinement of a real handcrafted Copper utensil such as the ones made in Iran or Turkey.

The Copper Craft in the Ottoman Era took such a finesse and perfection that most of the molds, stakes, anvils and hammers crafted back then are still present in Modern Day use, as more than invaluable items.

Copper pans, pots and cauldrons, still are and will be, the sine qua non for many of the most remarkable dishes of the Modern Turkish Cuisine such as the “Perde Pilavı”, the “Sahanda Yumurta”, the “Tas Kebabı” or the “Kuru Fasülye”.

Copper is not only an indispensable part of our Cuisine, but has been, along with Earthenware, the only element that comes to one’s mind when the word “cooking” is pronounced.

Any of our products is ought to show you from the very first look and the very first touch the perfection and refinement resulting from all the accumulation of the successive millennia spent into crafting Copper.