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High Quality Copper Culinary Equipment


Soy offers lifetime customer care for all of its products regardless of time; this includes a once-a-year free re-tinning (starting from the billing date on) for the tin plated products and eventual free silver plating if ever the silver plating would ever be to wear out.
Polishing is provided free of charge on behalf of our company at the customer’s request.


-Soy Türkiye endorses the yearly re-tinning and eventual re-plating of any of its products as long as the product has been duly registered on our system. Unregistered products are ineligible for any of the mentioned care. Please make sure to register your products right after the purchase.

-The shipping / transportation costs related to all of the mentioned services hereby are on the final customer.

-For customers outside of Mainland Turkey, Soy Türkiye might have an agreement with a certified re-tinning and polishing facility in or near your country that will take care of your Soy products on our behalf. Please enquire for details.
Note: For the time being, the silver re-plating operation is only being conducted from Turkey itself.